How To Become an Energy Healer?

As humanity awakens to the realization of who and what they genuinely are, they’re also consequently becoming aware that there is much work to be done on themselves in order to keep up with the changing energies on earth and on their physical and etheric bodies. To be able to evolve with humans heading toward ascension, which is a higher, love-based dimension of existence, certain physical, emotional/psychological and spiritual criteria is imperative.

The growing numbers of awakened souls has created a colossal demand for energetic healing. Indeed, getting yourself prepared to transform properly and expeditiously requires expert knowledge and in-person contact with trained energy healers, healers participating in various spheres of energetic healing such as reiki (and its many spin offs) masters, sound healing artists, medical intuitives, plant medicine shamans, masters of taichi/qigong/sacred movement, light language channelers, lightcode artists, oracle/tarot readers, spiritual coaches and teachers, mediums/oracles, chants/mantra singers, musicians, lightworker activation specialists, numerologist/astrology readers, akashic records readers, star origin(s) channelers, and channelers in general offering divine wisdom and knowledge — among other areas of energy healing.

To meet the demand of the growing number of enlightenment and health seeking individuals, there is an urgent need to also increase the number of energy healers. Many of you reading this article have been wondering how you can become more of a service-to-others life participant. There are several ways but here we will focus on energy healers. This solution of striving for more energy healers seems to be the most direct and efficient way to address the predicament of leveling the most unbalanced ratio of healers to soon-to-be healed people.

To learn how to become an energy healer, we offer the following guidance:

1. Discover what interests you the most, or has a special place in your heart.

For example, if you are a singer or other kind of musician, you could become a powerful sound healer offering sound healing sessions, group mantra chanting and/or drumming circles. Musicians can set an intention to play music for people that will be enjoyable as well as healing.

2. People who are strongly psychic might be interested in becoming an intuitive

For example follow a medical intuitive training.  Coach or healers that connect with higher selves or body organs, who will then provide custom personalized information for advancement in healing.

intuition healer

3. Transmit ascension codes and activations to willing participants

For those who have contact with higher realm beings such as galactics and/or angelics from all over the multiverse, you might ask them to help you to transmit ascension codes and activations to willing participants.

4. Become a spiritual coach

If you have a penchant for teaching, perhaps you would excel in becoming a spiritual coach, for example, who accesses the Akashic Records to find common themes and lessons for people and their current life situation. As this coach, you can not only clear karmic debt, but also you’ll be able to pinpoint which psychological blocks or problems they have due to experiences in past, current or future lives.

5. Become a plant medicine expert

If it is legal in your country, plant medicine such as ayahuasca, san pedro, peyote, cacau, cannabis and psychedelic mushrooms – put people on the expedited path to healing with the help of shamans and plant medicine specialists. This method is not for the faint of heart for people receiving healing, and is, in fact, not for everyone. Energy healing oftentimes requires healing to be administered in intervals so as to let the energies settle and integrate properly. People seeking to be healed require discernment if they take this route. This is an extremely difficult path with a lot of responsibilities.

Once you decide which area you’ll delve into, find the proper training, teachers, masters, online or in-person courses that best resonate with you. You might feel more confident to have certifications in different fields. Once trained, of course, practice, practice, practice – which we all know (at least we all have heard) makes perfect.

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