Medical disclaimer

In “Cosmic Awakening”, we focus not simply on our physical well-being, but we also take into consideration what is behind the physical, what is the framework for our bodies to thrive and what is necessary to ensure that our physicality is in harmony with the non-physical. Reaching a balance between body, mind and spirit is that which can help us achieve our human potential. In attaining this harmony, we aim to raise our vibrational frequency, and find a coherence between the physical and non-physical, which ultimately helps us to expand our consciousness. As we expand our consciousness, we discover that holistically everything increasingly falls into place: our physical, spiritual, energetic, and emotional components find their perfect balance so we will feel aligned to our most radiant health and well-being.

Having intellectual flexibility and being open to receiving unconventional well-being modalities will help your journey to be ultimately productive, successful and miraculous. What is required from you is to simply release all resistance of any kind (skepticism, pessimism, reluctance, judgement, negativity, etc) and this will keep an open channel for your own consciousness and the benevolent universe to deliver the best energies and messages available for your conscious evolution.

We cannot emphasize this enough: let go of expectations, doubt and thoughts that “this is not going to work.” Do not be concerned whether you feel any sensations and energies inside, on or around you. You may sense strongly or not at all, but KNOW that it is working!

Your intentions and attitude are key because your mind and thoughts are considerably more powerful than you might imagine. When you are able to truly believe that you can manifest change for your highest, greatest good, what follows is true transformation due to your own energetic creativity and force via your optimism, positivity, thoughts and motives to see yourself living your best, most healthy life in a world filled with kindness, joy, love and peace.

One of our approaches is based on teamwork and cooperation. In our group sessions, emphasis and effectiveness focuses on healing for the whole group; everyone will help themselves and by doing so they also help each other whether they realize it or not (everything happens on an energetic level), and individuals will see positive results based on self PLUS group efforts. In our approach when working with individuals we need to witness your dedication that you are serious about seeing yourself as truly healthy and in harmony. It is required for you to KNOW your healing is happening. If you have any attachments to your illness, disease or health issues and cannot let them go nor picture yourself without them, this is not for you. This means we can offer the most essential regimens and myriad modalities that work well with you. However, it is up to you and it is your own responsibility whether you progress on your journey. In other words, it takes respect and love for self and others, as well as hope for improvement to embody true, positive change.

We can make no guarantees regarding any outcomes related to our group or individual sessions. Of course, we want the most benevolent outcomes for everyone, but that will not happen without your own desire and belief for genuine transformation. With everything mentioned, we cannot emphasize enough how much you are unequivicolly responsible for your ability to heal yourself. The results depend upon you and your willingness to accept being healed. Have the courage, strength and wisdom to feel deep down into your consciousness. This builds a solid trust that you are well on your way to health, happiness and soul evolution.

Continually question whether you are being kind to yourself and others. Are you working from a low vibration of fear, shame, anger, hate, resentment, jealousy, judgement, greed, separation, stress, sadness and worry? Are you expecting instant gratification rather than focusing on a progressive improvement? Your evolution will not be completed overnight. It takes time and effort. If you approach life in a positive fashion raising your vibrational frequency by aiming for positive change for you and the world, you will certainly be pleasantly surprised at what ensues. You will experience so many beautiful benefits on all levels.

You will also experience your own trials and tribulations. You will encounter triggers that seem to send you down a negative rabbit hole, but always keep in mind that you’ll have lessons and experiences that help you evolve. So, instead of cursing your challenges, have gratitude for the experience and learn from everything presented to you. You will then be well on your way to proudly being who you truly are and knowing that you are walking your most magnificent path. Our services rendered are not based on conventional health modalities.

We are not licensed medical doctors, physicians, pharmacists, naturopathic technicians or doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, osteopathic doctors/physicians, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, psychologists, or other licensed healthcare professionals or practitioners. We do not offer medical treatments, medical diagnoses, nor do we prescribe any medications or remedies. None of our services constitute or connote prescribing, advising or rendering medical healthcare.

We advise that you always consult a licensed medical practitioner for your physical and mental healthcare needs.

What we do is considered a complement to other conventional healthcare methods and it incorporates highly regarded and effectively proven alternative techniques. Our modalities are not for everyone but if you honestly resonate with our philosophy, we encourage you to give it a try. If not, please seek the help, care and advice of a licensed professional.