Who are we?

From regulars to guest appearances, discover the energy healers & teachers who will work on the group and that you can contact for a private session.

Bret Reiki Master

Bret Ressler

Co-founder of Cosmic Awakening & Usui Reiki master, who specializes in leading individuals and groups through energetic alignment and balancing practices.
Bret believes that the awareness of one’s energetic demands and needs is crucial when living a happy and healthy life in today’s universe. Crystalline acceleration requires balance, and Bret is here to assist you in finding where your spot of equilibrium resides.


Federica Calandra

Federica is a co-founder of Cosmic Awakening, intuitive Channeler and Spiritual Coach, who can open your Akashic record to read anything you ask for, from your past lives to your Starseed Origin and your Mission here on Earth. She also connects to your Spirit Guides to deliver messages meant to be heard at the moment that can help you navigate specific challenges or blocks you are facing.

She is eager to support your Awakening and the transition from 3D to 5D.
Based on her own experiences, she will teach you how to overcome your challenges and manifest the dream life you deserve and dream of. She provides the tools for spiritual growth so that you are empowered to heal karma and your limiting beliefs for your entire life by yourself!

You can book a private session with her HERE!

Website: https://www.federicacalandra.com/



Patrice Krysztofiak

Patrice is a co-founder of Cosmic Awakening and he has been blessed by the universe to be able to see inside bodies, like an X-ray machine! He is a one-of-a-kind medical intuitive. He can also figure out who is the most suited healer to direct you to the right practitioner in such a way that you can optimize your spiritual healing in no time! Thanks to his gift you’ll save a lot of time in your healing journey. He has also been identified by other healers as a “transmuter”. He can remove the dark energies and past life traumas and turn them into light, which enables people to heal themselves quickly. Afterward, people feel uplifted, more joyful, and more energetic within a couple of days after a session with him.

Website: https://www.nightshiftguy.com/

Amy Matthews

Amy is a Usui and Angel Reiki practitioner.

Amy calls in the love and light of the divine during her sessions. You may feel the presence of the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Galactic Healers, and more recently the Elementals, during her healing sessions.

Thereasa Lewis

Thereasa uses several different tools to discover what your soul needs to know. Whether it’s past lives, karma, physical or emotional issues in your body, trauma blocks, discovering your life purpose, how to strengthen your intuition, or just some general spiritual guidance, she will customize the session to whatever your soul needs. She also does Starseed numerology and Starseeds activations!

her website is : https://www.letlifeflow.org/

Marie Guerdin

Marie is a hypnotherapist, a QHHT and BQH practitioner who also trained in classical and transgenerational hypnosis (family constellations). She will know what method will suit you best according to your issues. With QHHT and BQH you can have past live regressions, energy healing from Source, regain skills from other lives, cleanse your family line, connect to your Soul Family, find out what Starseed you are and get messages from your Higher Self. She mixes Dolores Cannon’s methods with other techniques for the consultant’s well-being. She will care for you with gentleness. A session with her can be a life-changing experience!

Are you ready to let go of the heaviness in your mind and live a life filled with joy every day?

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