We are an online spiritual Community that offers multiple modalities of energy healing, readings, channeling, and coaching via individual or group sessions.
By becoming a member you will have access to weekly group sessions, in which you will receive healing together with channeled messages from your Guides.
You can ask any question you want to deep dive into specific issues, traumas, and karmic blocks and find out more about your Starseed Origin!
Each session is unique and aims also to coach you, teaching you how to navigate your Awakening and smoothly transform your life into a life filled with peace and joy.
By joining our Community you will be able to remove blocks, clear karma and overcome anything that doesn’t allow you to blossom into your highest potential and timeline.

Alleviate Awakening symptoms

Do you feel like you are completely losing your mind? Like you have no one you can talk to? Do you need clarity regarding your true origin, your Mission and why are you here? You just stepped into your divine Awakening!

Twin Flames, empath psychosis, spiritual physical pain and more symptoms explained and smoothened. Our community members will share their experiences with you so you don’t feel alone in this process.

We are here to help you in this process, to provide you with answers to any questions you have, as well as support your healing that will bring you to find your soul’s sacred Mission and purpose. You are not alone! Smoothen the transition by connecting with other Starseeds like you in group or individual sessions.

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How does this work?

We are a collective of spiritual healers, channelers, and teachers working with multiple modalities in the group. You will be guided towards your best path on how to awaken.

How to start your spiritual awakening?

Group sessions are one of the most optimized ways to transform your life. You will receive personal and collective healing since we are all connected and the information received by other members will resonate with you as well. You will gain the most benefit if you show up with an open heart and the intention to change, by setting aside your ego and letting the energy of the community flow and heal your spiritual journey.

Meet the team

Group & private sessions

By becoming a member you will have access to all monthly group sessions. We intuitively pick some participants that mirror the group, so that everyone will receive the needed healing and messages at that specific time.

In case you would like a private session with one of the healers, feel free to contact them directly via the team page. All sessions are remotely done via video conference.

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