Full Moon in Scorpio – Energy Update



Full moon in Scorpio 23rd– 24th April

This full moon in Scorpio is all about changes and transformations, as well as endings and new beginnings.

Try and embrace these changes and flow with the energies.


A good time for shadow work and letting go of anything that is holding you back from the past and also what is no longer working for you now.

Full moon energy is the best time to release anything that no longer serves you.

Equal give and take in all areas of life is important for balance and harmony.

Aries 8th house

Be aware of people around you bringing negative energy as it will bring you down too.

Manifestation energy will magnify what you focus on.

Could be an ending of a relationship or a transformation of a relationship.

Any issues around intimacy or joint finances should be addressed at this time.

Secrets may be revealed.

Taurus 7th house

Get clear on the relationship in your life and make necessary changes.

Let go of anything that no longer is good for you.

Equal give and take is important.

Good time to communicate what you want from a personal relationship.

A good time for any personal transformations.

Gemini 6th house

A great time for any mental, spiritual or physical health work on yourself or others.

Any health issues that come up at this time needs to be paid attention to.

Work opportunities may present themselves in some way.

A good time to make daily schedules.

Organising a new health routine is beneficial this time.

Cancer 5th house

Creativity, love and childlike energy.

A new understanding or realisation about your children or children in general.

Love opportunities are more likely at this time.

Do something fun that nourishes your inner child.

Problem relationships may end at this time or go through a transformation.

Leo 4th house

A family member may need your help.

Make sure your work / home life are balanced.

Make the effort to spend time with family.

Home repairs or renovations may occur.

Moving house is also possible.

Living arrangements may change.


Virgo 3rd house

Be aware of any communications.

May be conflicts or arguments with neighbours or siblings.

Any communication issues or conflicts need to be resolved.

Identify actions and solutions to bring resolve.

Opportunities to shift the way you communicate.

Libra 2nd house

Any circumstances around finances or security could come up for you.

Big purchases are possible.

A great time for attracting abundance.

Be aware of your thoughts to attract positive things.

Any limiting beliefs around money is a good time to release and heal.

Giving and receiving is also encouraged.

Scorpio 1st house

This should be intense but good for you.

Major changes with self.

Anything about yourself will be highlighted at this time.

Maybe to heal parts of yourself.

Let go of things that no longer serve you.

Emotional release.

Refocus and re-evaluate your goals etc.

Sagittarius 12th house

Spiritual cleansing is advised.

Shadow work and healing.

Be aware of changes in your sub conscious.

You may experience vivid dreams at this time.

Pay attention to signs from the universe.

Secrets may be revealed.

Your awareness of any signs and synchronicities is key.

May be emotionally draining so self care will be important.

Capricorn 11th house

Making new friends and socialising.

An important connection with someone might take place.

Any goals that you have lost focus on will come up for you to re-examine.

It is also a good time to be sociable.

Celebrations, parties and get togethers with people in general.

Aquarius 10th house

Change of careers or employment is possible.

Possibly even a promotion.

A good time to ask for a raise.

Any ideas involving work would be beneficial for you at this time.

Public perception change or recognition for your work skills.

Step into the spotlight and shine.

A good time to launch a new business.

Anything that ends is making way for new.

Pisces 9th house

May amplify your emotions.

Any endings that come up will be in your best interest , even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Abundance of any type is more likely for you.

Your key to success is to be mindful of your thoughts. Be optimistic.

Receiving information or wise advice from a mentor will be helpful guidance.

A positive mindset is very important for you during this time.

LET LIFE FLOW    – By Thereasa Lewis  

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