Quantum Therapy + Healy With Tory


I utilize principles from quantum physics to address the mind, body, and energy connection. I facilitate healing by tapping into the quantum field, promoting balance, and assisting individuals in accessing their innate healing potential. It involves a holistic approach that goes beyond conventional methods, aiming to harmonize the energetic aspects of well-being. 

What is done? Energizing and healing in the fields of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual, protection from the Archangels, Ascended Masters and your galactic family breaking black magic, withdrawal of obsessing spiritual implants, harmonization of relationships, opening paths, treatment for prosperity, and environment cleaning. 

During our session, I will be wearing my Healy- a frequency device that sends micro currents to your energy field for harmonization and balancing.

Session time: 90 minutes
Modality: via Zoom video call
Booking process: you will be contacted by us to schedule the date and time of the session



Quantum Therapy + Healy With Tory