Cosmic Awakening Membership

The Cosmic Awakening Membership is a monthly subscription service that gives you access to different weekly group sessions to support your Awakening journey with the help of our teachers, channelers, and healers.

By becoming a member you will have access each month to different Reiki, Medical Intuitive, and energy healing sessions, as well as group channeling & coaching sessions, in which you will receive messages from your Spirit Guides and your higher self to identify any blocks coming from past lives or limiting beliefs.
In addition, you can ask any question you want to find out more about your Starseed origin and Gifts and what you need to know to proceed in your journey. The messages received are always beneficial for the entire group so that everyone can learn from the lessons of others and grow faster.

Participants will receive exactly the same level of healing as the persons who are picked in the live session.
Group sessions are so powerful because members are connected: by being healed, you will be healing the rest of the group as well, by sharing your love, energy, and learned lessons.

Each month also features 2 sessions in a Q&A format in which you can learn about spirituality, connect to the community, and practice psychic abilities that you wish to develop.
You can let us know in advance what gifts you would like to learn like channeling, energy healing, remote view, and so on – so that you can receive the right guidance from our teachers.
In these sessions, you also can practice on the group and receive suggestions and guidance from our team. This is the fastest way to grow and learn since you will receive instant validation!

There is no engagement period: you can cancel the membership at any time you want if you feel it’s not a suitable modality for you. However, you can always book private sessions with our healers at every moment.

Remember: when you decide to grow and show up for yourself, like joining our Community, you are choosing to love yourself and to manifest a life aligned to this vibration. This intention sends a clear signal to the Universe that will mirror back to you the commitment you took in loving yourself and leveling up. Your life will transform so quickly, that you will not recognize yourself in a few months or weeks!

How is it to be part of our community and connect to weekly group sessions? Watch the recording of a typical session HERE!