PUBLIC group healing & channeling session – recording

Have you ever wondered what it is like to participate in a typical group session of Cosmic Awakening?
Luckily for you, we host a FREE session every month, so that everyone gets the opportunity to see how it is, before deciding to subscribe!

Indeed, by becoming a member you will have access each month to different Reiki & energy healing sessions, as well as group channeling & coaching sessions, in which you will receive messages from your Spirit Guides and your higher self to identify any blocks coming from past lives or limiting beliefs.
In addition, you can ask any question you want to find out more about your Starseed origin and Gifts and what you need to know to proceed in your journey. The messages received are always beneficial for the entire group so that everyone can learn from the lessons of others and grow faster.

Participants will receive exactly the same level of healing as the persons who are picked in the live session. Group sessions are so powerful because members are connected: by being healed, you will be healing the rest of the group as well, by sharing your love, energy, and learned lessons.

How does the 1.5-hour free session work?

  • We intuitively pick the persons that we feel need our help at that moment, dedicating 15/20 minutes to each person, according to the need
  • The person that is picked can ask ANY QUESTION they have to be channeled from their Guides, about their Starseed Origin, advice on current issues, or just ask for energy healing! If you have no specific questions, you can just be open to whatever message comes through from your Guides that needs to be heard at that moment!
  • The whole group benefits from the energy healing, as well as the channeled messages, since the group forms strong energetic bonds, and the information that comes through is perfect for everyone in the call to hear at that moment!

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