Private Medical Intuitive session with Patrice

US$ 175

Medical Intuitive Scan/Screening with Patrice, who is able to see the flow of energy through your body and easily remove and transmute any stuck energy from traumas, negative emotions, past lives or what some may call “dark entities”.
This type of energy work both in person and remote can really speed up your growth and healing and bring you back joy in your life.

Session time: Most sessions last about 90 minutes (not timed)

refund policy : no refunds, it is possible to re-schedule your appointment in case you can not make it on time.

Available also for distance Reiki complementary Therapy and Animal Reiki.

Please note that this is NOT a medical consultation. Please Read and Accept the Medical Disclaimer before booking.

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medical intuitive Patrice Krysztofiak
Private Medical Intuitive session with Patrice