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This will be the most intense energy this year and you will already be feeling it. You will also most likely feel it for weeks afterwards too.

This solar eclipse is in the North Node, symbolizing a time of fated and powerful new beginnings, not only because it’s a New Moon, but also because it’s in the sign of Aries (the first sign of the zodiac).

The energies will push us to start something new or to steer something in a new direction or fresh start.

The presence of a comet (the Devils Comet) at the same time as the eclipse is also significant as comets represent change and transition.

The eclipses path will be crossing over Texas and in relation to the last solar eclipse in 2023, it will be forming a cross right over the Mexican border which is important as it might mean a major change involving this area.

The eclipse is also conjunct Chiron (wounded healer). Whenever Chiron is involved, it brings up any childhood wounding or traumas.

If you have cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) in your Rising sign, Sun sign or Moon sign, you will feel this the most, especially if the degrees of the cardinal sign is in between 14-24. The eclipse and Chiron are both exactly at 19 degrees !!

Aries (1st House – self, ego, beginnings)

Major life changes.

Very personal beginnings.

Brand new situations of any kind.

All areas of life could be affected (relationships, career, health etc.)

Old wounds, traumas and insecurities will come up in order to be healed.

There maybe some blockages in your subconscious, preventing you from seeing what’s trying to be revealed.

– A time for personal self reflection and healing.

Taurus (12th House – spirituality, subconscious)

Because it’s in the 12th house this can mean endings as well as beginnings.

You may feel you need some alone time to contemplate things that come up for you.

There may be a new beginning involving spirituality of some sort.

There could be some wounds, traumas or insecurities that come up around isolation or alienation.

Blockages will come from those people you surround yourself with by choice. eg. friends.

Gemini (11th House – friends, groups)

Brand new beginnings involving friends and groups of people that you surround yourself with by choice.

Fated new connections will be made.

Anyone that you meet around this time is a significant connection.

They may be vulnerabilities, insecurities and traumas around not feeling part of a group or being picked on or isolated.

Also a good time for group healing of any sort.

Cancer (10th House – career)

You may have new job opportunities that come up for you.

Fated occurrences may arise around authority figures.

Insecurities, trauma or vulnerabilities around authority figures or you taking the lead as an authority figure will need to be healed.

Changes around your home or place of residence.

Difficulty or issues around long distance travel may come up. eg. delays, roadblocks, car troubles etc.

Leo (9th House – travel, religion, philosophy)

The healing for you will come in gentle or subtle.

Fated things around travel, foreign countries or higher education.

There might be some insecurities of vulnerabilities around these areas, but you will feel the push to heal this and take the opportunity that comes up for you.

Don’t let your fears from past experiences block the opportunities for your growth.

May have financial blocks or debts of some kind. Don’t let this deter you.

They may be healing that comes up around religion also.

Virgo (8th House – debt, joint finances)

There could be some changes coming regarding your finances.

This could be a brand new investment or loan or joint financial venture.

There might also be insecurities or vulnerabilities from the past around financial matters.

There may be disagreements with your partner around money, this may also include partnerships in business.

Psychological or any subconscious fears may arise to be healed.

Pay attention to triggers and what they mean for you.

Libra (7th House – Relationships)

You may have a new relationship coming into your life. This could be a friendship, partnership or any type of relationship. It will feel destined or fated and significant for you.

All things regarding relationships may come up for you to be healed.

Or important healing will occur in a current relationship.

Some sort of guilt, insecurity or trauma around relationships will need to be healed.

This will make way for new fated or karmic relationships to come into your life.

Scorpio (6th House – health, service to others)

Some sort of physical healing in the body will take place.

It might be insecurities or trauma around healing the physical body.

You may even use your knowledge gained in this area to help other people.

There might be an opportunity of a new job. This maybe something completely new and different for you.

May have insecurities or vulnerabilities regarding co-workers or employment to heal and work through.

Sagittarius (5th House – joy, fun, self expression )

A new beginning with something regarding your passions or something you enjoy doing.

Feelings of guilt around freedom or taking opportunities for your happiness may arise.

There maybe something around your home, your place of living or your property that will cause a blockage.

Unexpected pregnancies can be a real possibility !

Capricorn (4th House – home, family, real estate)

Situations may come up where you may have to move house.

You may invest in a new property.

There maybe rearranging of living arrangements.

Any traumas, insecurities or vulnerabilities from the past involving families will come to the surface in order for you to work through and heal.

Or you may be helping a family member to heal these wounds.

There may be blockages when it comes to communication and family.

Aquarius (3rd House – communication, learning skills, thinking)

Maybe new beginnings involving short distance travel or vehicles.

May also be some sort of a disruption to travel plans.

Mercury is also retrograde which can affect communication, so be aware of this too.

A new beginning or reset involving the community, neighbours or the people you surround yourself with. eg. new neighbours, new town mayor.

Something may come up to be healed around extended family or siblings.

⁃ Learning a new healing technique.

Teaching or passing on your knowledge or experience to others.

There may be a blockage around finances that will cause you to feel ‘stuck’.

Pisces (2nd House – possessions, money)

There’s a potential for growth around financial matters.

Be aware of your insecurities around money, that it doesn’t hinder any new opportunities.

Any insecurities or vulnerabilities from the past around finances may come up to be healed.

Something brand new regarding money may also come your way.



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