You Are Supported.

On this Earth, or while we are on our Earth Mission, one of the hardest things you could face is feeling unsupported. Although it is not “technically” the same as being or feeling alone, it might as well be. Robin Williams who dedicated his life to making others laugh said this in a movie while playing one of his characters, 

“I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.” 

Although I’m not sure if a note was written at the time of his passing, many started posting this quote as if he had said it in his regular life during off hours. I’m not sure if he did say it or if this could have been what he was feeling before his passing? Who knows, but things like this are what have inspired me to speak what is on my mind. Not everyone wants to listen to what you have to say, but there is always at least one. One person you connect with, one person who will listen, one person who will understand, and that is all it takes sometimes to keep you going. I won’t go into my whole life here, but I am someone who felt unsupported in life with many things that mattered to me, but then again did have support with other things. Maybe this was a way of the Universe balancing the scales indirectly. I remember a woman messaged me once on Social Media that was very blunt about what she wanted. I laughed at her bluntness and when I made a remark about it she simply replied with, “Hey, closed mouths don’t get fed right?” I was like, “Wow!” This life lesson although taught in the strangest and most humorous way came around many times during the course of my life. Maybe the Universe was just testing me and repeating it over and over until I finally learned the lesson.

There are times when we feel unsupported that are perceptually very accurate, but then again, in the great scheme of the Universe, nothing is by accident. There will always be a lesson, always. Could it be simply to open your mouth and ask for help from the Universe or your fellow Human Beings? I mean how can anyone help you if they don’t know you need help? Or is it to learn that you really don’t need help and can figure out this certain task yourself? To be patient? Is it to trust in your Higher-Self, Spirit or God? Obviously that is for you to figure out. That’s what makes this life so beautiful, the journey. I believe that is one of the main reasons many of us choose to come here. To experience the happy, painful, exciting, sad, boring, devastating, thrilling and blissful thing that we call Human life. The Ultimate Puzzle. The Unsolvable Rubik’s Cube. When I was little I wanted to save the World. Talk about the Ultimate Puzzle right? haha I would love to say that it was just my Human Ego, but at that age, not even in my teens yet, it felt a little more pure than that. Like if it was just the “faith of a child” that Jesus spoke about that you would need to enter into the “Kingdom of Heaven,” hint hint. I wish I could go back and tell that child version of me that he was right. To stay on the path. That he could save/change the world if that’s what he wanted. That this dream that was embedded into him was real because it was pure. It was innocent. It was from the heart, and I believed in him. Somewhere along the line that belief although I might still have said it as an adult, was beat out of me. I don’t think I really believed it anymore. Or even worse, I don’t feel I believed that the Earth was worth saving. I remember one of the visions I had as a kid where the Great Spirit was showing me a dying planet. All of the souls were flying out and there were only three of us left, including the Great Spirit. I mostly felt it was of a future event when this Earth school would be dying and we would have to find a new place to partake in all of these beautiful experiences. Now I feel that it might have been a memory of a past life on another planet. This collective lesson appears to be the unsolvable puzzle. At some point Humans gravitate towards the chaos. Our lower selves creep in and before you know, there it is, a dying planet. I remember a professor in college once told us that we all started the class with an A, all we had to do was keep it. I was mind blown, but for some reason it made me not want to mess up, I kept that A! haha I feel our life on this planet is similar, all we had to do was keep that A. The planet was and is a perfect place if we only stop destroying it and give it a chance to heal, it will sustain us. Just like our human bodies that I consider to be mini-planets, if we give them the proper nourishment and time to heal, they will.

I say all this only to say this. This year by some strange miracle or another I feel supported. Like if I woke up and out of thin air, poof! It was gone. That feeling of whatever the world might have done to me was gone. All of the Traumas the child and younger me endured are no longer binding. Like I awoke to a New Beginning. The past didn’t matter anymore. I had been in this mind frame before, I have had many “Death and Rebirth” cycles in this life, but this one feels different. This one feels more uplifting. Like the final push forward of my experience. This phase is one of fulling the prophecy. In case you’re wondering if there was something I had to learn to get to this state of being, there was. I had to learn that I am supported. I had to learn that sometimes I do have to ask for help. I had to learn that if no one wants to help me, the Universe will provide a way for me to get the job done, it has never failed to deliver. I had to learn that there is a lesson in every experience so nothing is wasted. I had to learn that no matter what you say, there will ALWAYS be at least one person that will relate to it, and nothing is wasted. Maybe there was a time when I was unsupported by people I felt mattered the most, and somehow it happened enough times to where it became “truth” for me even though it never was. The Great lie. We all have one that holds us back, “No one cares, you’re too this, you’re too that, you’ll never this, you’ll never that.” I remember going to watch a movie once at the Theatre and when it ended the screen went black and it simply said this on the screen, “UNLEARN.” Even at such a young age it made perfect sense, but there are some things buried so deep it takes a little more digging to really get to the root problem. Who told you that lie? To close this out, sometimes you just need to find your Tribe, but until you do, keep pushing forward. You weren’t wrong, it really happened, you didn’t imagine it, but now it is time to put to rest what no longer serves your Highest Good and that of the Collective, and move forward, because we all have work to do.

– God Bless.

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