Exploring shapes, Energy, and Optimal Connections

Shapes are an integral part of our world, revealing themselves each time we turn around. Most shapes we encounter are easily accessible to our eyes. For instance, when we gaze down at dinner, the square, circle, or rectangle manifests as a table. The energy pattern resonates with the object’s identity, and our eyes effortlessly recognize it due to the energy pattern within us.


When it comes to viewing shapes and patterns inside or around the body of ourselves and others, a period of familiarization is essential—a practice not focused on learning their identity but understanding their purpose. All shapes carry energy, synonymous with movement, and exist in a state of transition. Take the example of a table; its energy is intricately arranged to optimize functionality and purpose.


Assessing whether the shapes around people are optimal for them hinges on our own operational state. By centering ourselves and entering a zone of unconditional love and neutrality, we can observe without judgment. The question becomes, what do your emotions convey when you begin the viewing process? This introspection reinforces the alignment with our optimal state.

In this state, we allow others to present themselves without the influence of our judgments. It’s a space where we can connect with the energy around us, whether for healing, channeling, or simply engaging in conversations with friends. Approaching others from this optimal standpoint allows for compassionate and insightful advice-giving, fostering connections that transcend surface judgments.

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