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Known as “The Book of Life” but more commonly referred to as The Akashic Records, this absolutely colossal compendium of Earth records houses a massive information archive. It is considered a multi-dimensional energetic library and database that stores all and everything that has ever happened to everyone and everything, you included.

It documents, without penalty or judgement, what is happening now, all your past lives but also contains future lives and probabilities. Because of the non-linear aspect of the multiverse, time is meaningless therefore all event spaces (multiverse “time”) occur simultaneously. What is found in the Akashic Records is every single act and event that has ever happened, words that have ever been said and feelings, opinions, beliefs, theories, intents and assessments that you have ever felt or thought. Every experience you’ve had including all events, relationships, deeds, conversations, ideas, thoughts, and emotions are to be found in the Akashic Records. Good and bad, it is all stored there.

As an evolving soul on your Earth journey, it may be helpful to explore what is found in the Akashic Records. Here are a few reasons why an Akashic Records reading will be beneficial:


You may have lower vibrational energies and influences that are blocking your cosmic gifts and soul’s progress. These detrimental elements could stem from traumas, rough memories, old beliefs, ancestral and past/current karma and outside energetic interferences and could be the reasons you are stuck emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. Remaining in a state of blockage can cause you to repeat old behavioral patterns that keep you in endless negative loops and feelings of being triggered. You might wonder why you react in a certain unfortunate way or with a negative attitude toward a situation instead of simply standing back and letting it go. Your Akashic Records reading could take down these blockages then pinpoint, acknowledge and release what no longer serves your greatest good and alignment to your highest potential.


When you are presented with information from your Akashic Records, the Akashic Records reader and you will together be able to identify stories that are extremely relatable by exhibiting common motifs within the histories specifically making it obvious that there are clear messages given from which to learn. For example, the Akashic Records reader might access three vastly different lives that you experienced here on Earth. You contemplate and examine the details that the reader has provided for you, and it occurs to you that there’s an indisputable theme.

  • Did you not have enough love for yourself?
  • Did you conceal your emotions causing misunderstandings and sadness because you didn’t express your feelings and so they built up inside you?
  • Were you constantly doubting yourself so no one respected or listened to your opinion? Was gratitude missing from your life?

From these and a multitude of other lessons and inspirations, you will begin to see what is necessary in order for your soul to progress and evolve.


One of the most essential purposes of the Akashic Record readings is to serve your highest good by healing you. Whether it assists in realizing which issues to approach, finding repeating patterns or behaviors, or if it prompts you to focus on lessons to be learned, one thing is clear: the Akashic Records can help you heal yourself on all levels thereby removing what does not belong, and finally enabling you to continue on your soul’s path without obstacles.

We are fortunate that there are increasing numbers of Akashic Records Reader. If you’re interested in receiving a reading of your Akashic Records, we highly recommend Akashic Records Reader, Federica Calandra.

Questions & Answers Frequently Asked Regarding Akashic Records Readers

Q: When Akashic Records Readers access the Akashic Records, what is it they acquire and how do they perceive the data that’s being presented?

Answer: Readers all have different ways they receive and interpret the information that comes through upon connecting to the records. Some of them vividly see stories, people and scenery, much like lucid dreaming and oftentimes hear conversations, music and foreground and background sounds. There are even some cases where readers are able to smell foods, nature, like the fragrance of flowers, the ocean, etc. Other methods of collecting data are less obvious. For example, there are many Akashic Records readers that obtain information via their claircognizance. This is when they exhibit their psychic abilities of “knowing,” which can also be described as a “gut feeling” or “inner knowing.” Readers are experienced enough to realize what stories and info are clearly coming from the Akashic Records. In any case, all information given is always included to make sure the scene is clearly understood and helpful.

Q: What is the process involved that the Akashic Records readers use to gain access to the information? How does it work? What is the method?

Answer: We are all made of energy that is a part of universal consciousness, therefore, as part of this collective force of energy we, and specifically readers, need only tap into the precise frequency where the Akashic Records can be accessed. Once located, the reader oftentimes (but not always) is greeted by a guardian or librarian of the Akashic Records. Readers request information they’re seeking and it is then presented in a practical, modern way to achieve the highest levels of understanding.

Q: What kinds of knowledge or information do Akashic readers receive?

Answer: In a nutshell: the sky is the limit with a caveat: that the information serve the highest good of the person whose records are being opened. If you have questions about your origins, meaning the very beginning of your soul’s existence or your galactic origin(s), the Akashic Records can provide this data. If you’d like to receive past or future life stories and experiences you can find out about this also. You can discover if current family members and friends are part of your soul family or families. If you need insight to help with present day relationships or businesses troubles, or if you’d like to know why you have obstacles in your personal life that seem to repeat without resolution, you can learn why.

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