What is Spiritual Awakening?

Describing “spiritual awakening” would involve volumes upon volumes of descriptive content because it is an extraordinarily personal experience and operates on so many intricate levels. So while someone experiencing a profound spiritual awakening may describe it in a specific way, as a certain revelation, another person may have a completely opposite or wildly different yet meaningful interpretation of what is happening for them and what they are discovering. This does not mean anyone is wrong; a spiritual awakening is a deeply personal and individual experience and process.

The only way to discuss spiritual awakening here would be in general terms; this short article can serve those who are new to spirituality and have just begun to explore its meaning.

As humans, we eventually come to the conclusion that there must be more to life than our mere existence: birth, life, death. We ponder, “is that all?” We start to have questions; we wonder why things are the way they are; It begins our search for more meaning, understanding and reason for why we are here, who else is in the universe, how can we change the world for the better, but more importantly, we search to find out who and what we truly are.

Some approach spiritual practices in Buddhism, esoteric philosophies, yoga, religion, etc. for answers to their questions. Some people will dive into books and blogs. Others turn to alternative methods of inquiry in the subjects of disclosure, UFOs, metaphysics, paranormal activity, astrology, past-life regression hypnotherapy, etc. In the end, it does not really matter how you reach your conclusions, as long as you adopt what truly resonates within your soul, and that your journey embraces spiritual growth and the most fundamental aspect of existence: love.

Focusing on your path and not necessarily the destination, is all part of spiritual awakening. You may have the most mind-boggling and beautiful visions, encounters, synchronicities and other epiphanies along the way. You may start to develop clair-sentience, and other clair-abilities. You might hear voices in your head! (but don’t worry, other people do too but might not admit it!) You just might discover that everything you were ever taught in school and church was not completely accurate! You might start to predict the future, access the Akashic records, or see inside bodies like a medical intuitive!

You will have many WOW moments

One thing is certain: you will have many WOW moments. Be focused on the present moment and be fearless in your quest because this will reap the most benevolent outcomes for you. Be prepared because your life will be turned upside-down in the most exciting, wonderful way!

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