What is Quantum Healing?

Disclaimer : spiritual energy work is not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical or psychological condition. For such issues, you should seek the proper licensed physician or healthcare professional.

It occurred to many scientists, researchers, non-conventional healthcare practitioners and physicians that a much needed update to medicine practices was overdue. With an open mind, open heart, willingness and intelligence to discover upgrades and alternatives to the old methods, it was clear to focus on new, direct( and complementary to modern allopatic medicine) ways to heal. This new trend (utilizing ancient wisdom) embraces the position that every technique used would be in service to the overall permanent wellness of patients. Its objective is kinder and complete in that it follows a more holistic way of healthcare that centers its energies on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological wellbeing of the patient.

The Quantum Field

When individuals mention “quantum” or the “quantum field” in most cases they are referring to the “All That is” that exists in the cosmos, the universe(s), also called, Consciousness – being a field of ever-expanding, inexhaustible intelligence, energies, frequencies, vibrations and light – which exudes from all the sentient, non-sentient, physical and non-physical within it. Consciousness, also known as The Divine Matrix, is all and everything and all events in the universe, and we are tiny fractals, all significant, of this whole and all within it are connected. Everything within this space acts and reacts with each other, and it (and us included) are an omnipotent, all encompassing governing force.

What is Quantum Healing

In an effort to explain further what quantum healing entails, instead of formulating a complex definition, we will explain via a short description and elaborate on different quantum healing systems and techniques. Knowing now that we are all energy, frequencies, light and vibrations, Quantum Healing, in a nutshell, is working with energy for the greatest good of all. However, it is not random energy aimlessly bouncing all over without rhyme or reason. Focusing on clear intent while healing is essential for both the practitioner and the patient. With intentionality, we work with our thoughts, which is the driving force and energy that interweaves within us and all around us. Without intention and belief of what outcomes will produce, the healing will be ineffectual. Here are examples of Quantum Healing systems:

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Developed by the late Dolores Cannon, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) can be described as a method assisting people in reaching a state of consciousness much like a light level of the trance state. Many people mistake this method with the older form of hypnosis where patients fall into a deep sleep-like state. This latter form of hypnosis, although legitimate, is off-putting to skeptics having seen too many movies displaying a psychedelic moving spiral with a hypnotherapist encouraging, “you’re getting sleeeeepy; your eye lids are getting heavvvvvy…”

Dolores Cannon’s technique takes a more modern approach and incorporates a level of trance but it is the state of consciousness that exists right after awakening or just before falling asleep. Patients have total control of their awareness. Once this level of trance (also called a somnambulistic level) is achieved, a QHHT therapist helps patients tap into the quantum field to discover their past, future and probable lives. They can then travel back in time (or forward in time) to access their past or future lives in order to find useless behaviors, patterns , illnesses and negativity that have transcended time and are present in the current life of the patient. Once the patient and therapist piece together topics, histories, events, connections and interactions that are pertinent to learn current life time lessons, they are able to clear these unwanted and unnecessary energies, memories and traumas forever. The patient, for example, who might have had recurrent troubles that were always difficult to solve, suddenly is free of them. Another example of effective QHHT involves depressed patients on the verge of giving up on life being tormented their whole life, now miraculously feel joy and regain their life force, then no longer want to end things.

Quantum Healing Codes, also known as Divine Quantum Healing Codes

As we’ve mentioned previously, everything is energy, frequencies and vibrations, and that includes numbers and specifically, divine healing codes. (See Starseed Numerology) Quantum healers and energy healers, especially numerologists, always say numbers are nature’s divine way of healing – and rightfully so. Not only are they nature’s way of healing but they’re also nature’s way of communicating, and everything can be explained with numbers. A perfect example would be the fibonacci sequence of numbers, which are: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 (in perpetuity), always having numbers that are the sum of the previous two numbers. The fibonacci sequence is a sacred geometric proportion that is found in nature everywhere, from the tiniest plant to the architecture of the universe.

fibonacci spiral

The ratio between the numbers in the fibonacci sequence is called the golden ratio, which is so pervasive you see it reflected in nature, including the human body. Examples: the spiraling of succulent plant leaves and flowers, the spiraling in cauliflower, seashells, the formation of seeds in fruit and vegetables, honeycombs, etc. If you add petals, seeds or the number in spirals, they will always be a number from the fibonacci sequence. Humans are another wonderful example, with 1 head, 2 eyes, 3 segments in limbs, 5 toes and fingers. Human DNA molecules also follow the sequence. All things have an indisputable divine design and if it so happens that things go awry, bodies fall into ill health, with the help of quantum healing codes in combination with a determined intention, these health ailments and mental states can be remedied. How? There are several ways to use the divine healing codes and the most important instruction to emphasize is that when using these numbers, they must be used with love, intentionality, faith and with the positive, powerful desire to receive the most benevolent outcomes possible. Also extremely essential to this practice is to write the numbers EXACTLY AS SHOWN INCLUDING THE SPACES BETWEEN THE NUMBERS (these spaces are essential parts of the healing code)

1. Write or copy the numbers exactly as shown to activate their power.
2. Place the codes in the energy field of the body by:
a. write codes on a note and place it under a pillow, in purse/wallet, pocket, body
b. write codes in the air c. draw codes with your finger on the body

Note: codes can also be applied to spiritual awakening, water, food, cosmetics, animals, chakras, attunements, academic and business success, forgiveness, grounding, and so much more. (see complete list of quantum healing codes)

When using the quantum healing codes system, what is taking place is the balancing of energy in the body for achieving self-healing. This system is very similar to reiki and its symbols.

A small sampling of healing codes:

  • 11 96 888 – to improve healthy self image and let go of low self-esteem
  • 51 56 886 – to increase motivation
  • 25 39 561 615 – to be able to welcome the new and to strive for a better life in all ways
  • 25 37 536 – to let go of conscious and subconscious painful traumas and memories of the past,
  • 45 892 456 7478 69925 – to clear away negative emotions
  • 45 32 246 – to increase confidence
  • 11 21 222 – to find more courage
  • 45 826 9994 5789 – to increase creative flow
  • 45 923 8484 79256 – to break bad habits
  • 6 23 948 – to conquer confusion, chaos, distraction and delay
  • 22 26 980 – to boost focus and mental clarity
  • 83 48 806 – to increase perseverance, endurance, and to have a winning attitude
  • 16 16 714 – to easily adapt to what is new – to embrace change and welcome it
  • 25 67 993 – to have a positive outlook and to have fun
  • 24 824 9625 – to increase motivation
  • 23 65 189 – to go for it without hesitating, letting go of hesitation, to let go of self-doubt


  • 11 67 692 for help with manifesting
  • 12 16 458 – to concentrate on leaving 3D mentality/living and entering 5D

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