Healing Codes and How to Use Them

We’ve mentioned in an earlier blog post about numerology and numbers, how, as frequency, energy and vibration, numbers represent and offer myriad insights and healing to discover and change your sacred energetic signature for the better, and ultimately to align with your highest, most benevolent loving timeline. In order for this to take place, maintaining a healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, is key.

As we’ve stated previously, numbers, specifically healing codes, offer undeniable influence and powerful change in conjunction with a strong intent, dedication, trust and belief that they can be used for positivity and the wellbeing of all.

We use divine healing codes as a tool to change our 3D reality, whether it is to improve health, resolve challenging situations, eliminate traumas, mend relationships – to eradicating chemical reactions, and much, much more. In fact, it has the potential to change everything if we put our minds and heart to it. We, events, objects, etc., are all loving energy, as are healing codes and they simply work with our energies to identify and correct energy imbalances.

Instructions for Using Healing Codes

There are several ways to use the codes:

1) To activate their power, copy and use the healing code numbers EXACTLY as they’re presented.

NOTE – It is IMPERATIVE that the codes are copied/written correctly, including the spaces (the spaces are part of the code and must be acknowledged; NEVER omit them.)

2) write or print codes on paper then:

  • a. healers – place paper with healing codes on/above/below pertinent body parts needing healing
  • b. individuals – same as “a” above or place in wallet, purse, pocket, near the bed – keeping the codes in the body’s energy field

3) codes can be written in the air or with a finger “writing” on the body.

Coupled with the importance of writing/copying the codes EXACTLY, the realization and use of love, the desire to heal for the greatest good of all and your loving intentions create the path to receive favorable outcomes. You will have the assistance from the universe because your thoughts, intentions and feelings are heard on a quantum level, therefore there is always a reaction, a sort of “answer” to your “request.”

Here are some common questions regarding divine healing codes. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section.

Why don’t the healing codes work?

For those people receiving codes it is helpful to relax and to steer away from a “instant gratification” mentality. Oftentimes the energy is working on several energetic layers and/or going to very deep, intricate places that could be more tricky to heal and therefore take time to integrate fully into the body or the energetic level of the body. It is recommended to adopt the philosophy and trust that it is indeed working and that change is happening. The power of the positive will filled with loving kindness can not be underestimated.

Is it possible to use more than one code at a time?

Absolutely. Using more than one at a time is happily encouraged and can be used often to emphasize the desire toward the favorable outcome.

Can I use healing codes exclusively? Can I drop my medicine/health regime prescribed by my doctor?

Always consult your healthcare practitioner for all of your health concerns and use your own discernment accordingly. This is your responsibility. We are simply offering one method to correct a variety of issues. It may be the case where combining healing modalities work best for you. Please use your own insight as this is crucial in your overall success for improvement and resolution.

Lastly, please keep in mind that the whole of the universe is made of energy of high vibrational frequency, which corresponds to pure love. It is the force that governs all. We are a part of this energy also. Since everything is energy, it seems fitting for us to understand it, work with it and heal from it. This then encourages us to help others reach the same perfect state of being. Remember: Energy follows awareness.

This assembly of codes and the instruction how to use them is NEVER to be sold, but always to be shared free and without any claim or exchange.

It is written forthe free use by all humans and all beings as I give the codes for the free use by ALL. Each human, each being has a right to use these codes free and without charge. It is also not allowed to change this assembly, unless I give my appropriate personal order for this. Without the authorization through me or as a transfer against exchange the codes will be useless, because they request a certain consciousness and a certain frequency level of the people so that they can be used. I tell you this to stop any ideas for this purpose before they even begin. This is a living document, all new codes and the links to the messages shall be integrated here.

And please remember the spaces in the number sequences as they are important. Without them the codes won’t work but it would lead to far to explain it here. Be careful to write the number codes correctly.

Please find the healing codes below organized by topic/systems. These codes are to be used and shared freely, and never to be sold. (See How to Use Healing Codes)

The following is the original text from Isabel Henn and Marc Gamma who first made these codes available to the public (Their references are found at the bottom of this document). If this information is shared, please keep the text below (in italics) as is. Thank you.

Click here to download the full PDF with codes.

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