What is a Lightworker?

Lightworkers are people whose souls volunteered to come help Gaia, the soul consciousness of Earth, following her call and request for action and assistance. These lightworkers came (and continue to come) from all over the universe and beyond, lowering their vibrational frequency to match Earth’s in order to incarnate as human beings. Also called lightwarriors, lightmasters, wayshowers, starseeds, crystal/indigo/rainbow children/workers/warriors/masters, these benevolent souls had a profound desire to come to the rescue of humanity, to eliminate the darkness, negativity and unfortunate ways that have persisted on Earth for so long.

Much of humanity is oblivious to the fact that life on Earth is controlled by outside forces that unfortunately do not have humanity’s best interest in mind. If you challenge the validity of this information, let us offer these ideas to consider:

1. Why does 1% of the population of Earth own and have more money than the remaining 99% of people put together? Does this seem at all baffling that even though poverty can be remedied in one day it isn’t?

2. Do you wonder how state and national legislation of your country adopts laws that do not serve the good of its people? Examples: homelessness, pollution

3. Why do environmentally friendly inventions or inventions that would be free to the public disappear from sight? Example: the air car, free electricity as was invented by Nicolai Tesla. Or appear but are only available to the rich? Example: electric cars.

4. How did the food chain get so poisoned? Example: bread made out of the same material found in yoga mats; why is food packaging wrapping and leeching harmful chemicals onto the food that we eat? Chemtrails poisoning the crops/foods we consume. Why does the original food pyramid make people unhealthy?

5. Why are beneficial plant medicines illegal?

Before we bring the vibration down too low from discussing the above listed current circumstances on Earth, let us turn the mood up to simply say that the lightworkers after diligently working on their missions, some for decades and decades, have made leeway in terms of positive progress toward improving the situation on Earth.

Who are the Lightworkers?

Lightworkers come in all shapes, colors, and belief systems. There are lightworkers who are clearly aware of what they’re doing and what they’d like to achieve, and there are others, who have no idea they are lightworkers but nevertheless, help in more subtle ways.

The Various Kinds of Lightworkers

  1. Sound Healers, Artists and Musicians
  2. Numerologists/Astrologists
  3. Energetic Healers and Masseuses
  4. Yoga/Qigong/Sacred Movement Teachers
  5. Oracle/Tarot Readers
  6. Psychic Mediums
  7. Travelers/Adventurers/Dreamers
  8. Transmuters
  9. Spiritual Guides/Teachers
  10. QHHT Therapists
  11. Channelers
  12. Gridworkers/Leyline Workers
  13. Shaman/Medicinal Plant Practitioners
  14. And more!

Are you a Lightworker?

Lightworkers have a deep desire to help mankind and Earth. They know that we (humans, ETs, angels, all conscious beings in the multiverse) are all sparks of the same powerful presence that includes the universe and beyond. With the understanding that our true selves are made of pure love and light, being a part of Consciousness (or whatever you may call it: God, The All There Is, etc.) they realize that humanity on earth has been affected by outside dark influences that have forced them into a situation of forgetting who they truly are and what they are capable of. This is the reason lightworkers are here on Earth. They strive to help and will be successful at eliminating darkness and negative agendas.


With their dedication they will be victorious in peeling back the coercive layers to reveal a love-based planet deserving a place in the galaxy as a sovereign, free galactic participant. They envision Earth filled with light, compassion, kindness, perfect health and wellbeing, pristine nature and unconditional love, a place where people are free of human rights abuses, and where no hate, anger, guilt, shame, jealousy or any low vibrational emotions exist. Lightworkers dream and will ultimately manifest a planet that embraces differences, not only different races on Earth, but also different star races. They know they will help create a planet where different star races can walk together with humans, and be accepted fully, without fear, without bias, without judgement.

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