What is Starseed Numerology?

Similar to astrology, numerology involves a divinatory approach that interprets numbers associated with a person’s birth date and full name. When you or a numerologist define your numbers she/he then studies and looks for strong patterns, trends, insights and meaning to what has, will and currently influence your life’s journey, progress and outcomes.

The power of numbers

The power of numbers should not be underrated. Each number vibrates at a frequency unique to itself and every number from a birth date and name, after calculating numbers, will also be completely unique to a person. These numbers are able to reveal myriad insights and characteristics and discovering the sacred energetic signature of your personal numbers will be intensely life changing, especially when the universal wisdom offered to you is trusted.

Awakening starseeds and unconditional love

Awakening starseeds realize that everything in the universe is made of unconditional loving energy, including the numbers assigned to their numerology charts/marks. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that numerology, being a different kind of divination tool, operates like astrology, psychic readings, tarot/oracle cards, shamanism, mysticism and more. As these starseeds search for healing and answers regarding their missions, soul paths and purpose, etc. and use mediums, psychics, channelers — to discover the most important information for them, they can also feel confident that numerology is as dependable, and very well complements other energetic/divine/metaphysical practices.

If you’re wondering which starseed you are, numerology may be the best method to help you. How? A numerologist is able to derive substantially enough information about you, and from all the data, they can then extrapolate which of your traits match certain star races. In most cases, an obvious star race indication is revealed.

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